About Us

Dolphin Play~Pen

    “Their lives are in our hands,

    Our Future is in theirs..”


    Dolphin Play-Pen was officially opened in January 1999 at our current location by Mom and Daughter; Eva and Monika Egyed.   Together we set up and established our Pre-school growing it to where it is today. The grounds and foundation of our school is very special as it has family heritage.   The grounds originally belonged to my adopted Gran, Mrs Lilian Thora Mulligan. Due to unfortunate circumstances, my gran was unable to have any children.   The establishment of our school transformed her quiet humble home into a buzzing cascade of little footsteps, giggles and laughter.

    Sadly, our gran passed away in 2001, but her memory lives on, and we continue to dedicate our success to her beautiful home that transformed into a well-loved, successful growing, and recognized Pre-school.

    Nestled in the heart of Rosettenville , Dolphin Play-pen boasts a large shady playground for your children. We have several carports to keep your little one protected from the sun. We have a Jumbo sized sandpit, a standard sized trampoline and a fully furnished Wendy house. There are a selection of jungle gyms and a separated play area for our little toddlers.   We are equipped with a huge variety of gross and fine motor equipment, learning material and educational toys.

    Dolphin Play-Pen is proud to encourage and teach our children to give back to society. We have been involved in several projects to help and support those less fortune.

    Door of hope, children’s mission

    Jafta, Association for the Aged

    Blind Society

    Amcare, Alberton Methodist Care and Relief Enterprise

    St Mary’s, Children’s Home

    You will discover a place of laughter, smiles and an environment where your child’s happiness is of paramount importance. Our home away from home is a happy, nurturing, friendly and a safe environment for your children.

    Dolphin Play-Pen has grown by word of mouth and by parents of children attending Dolphin Play-Pen. We are proud to say that we are registered with the Johannesburg City Council and Social services, and the Health department.   Our school is equipped with the necessary Fire safety regulation equipment, and several of our staff members have First Aid Training under their belts.

    We have 16 Surveillance cameras scattered inside and outside our classrooms. They serve as safety and protection for both your children and our staff.

    We also boast an excellent track record in the Alberton Eisteddfod Public Speaking Competition. Our school has taken part since 2005. Thus far we have received 24 Silver certificates, 166 Gold certificates and 202 Diplomas (over 90%).

    Extra Mural activities are available for your child should you wish for your child to engage in them:

    Active Kidz,   Pottery, Computer, Modern Dancing, Soccercise Starz, Swimming and Netball.

    We are currently in our 20th Year of running as an established Pre-school!

    All our team are carefully handpicked from the best candidate and we are committed to giving them dedicated training and support in the latest developments in childcare.

    We work in close partnership with parents to ensure every child is given the best opportunity to develop – providing tailored learning programmes for all ages.

    Our Syllabus is comprised of 45 learning themes.   Our themes include a THEME TABLE, weekly lesson plans, creative activities, language discussions, rhymes and songs, mathematics, stories, perceptual skills, games and movement.

    Furthermore, we incorporate THRASS into our daily lesson plans.

    THRASS, stands for Teaching, Handwriting, Reading and Spelling Skills programme.

    It teaches the letters, speech sounds and spelling choices of the English language.


    We welcome you to visit us in person and see for yourself!


  • Welcoming place that engages each child.

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  • Friendly atmosphere plus quality children care.

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  • Dedicated classrooms with skilled educators.

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    • Secure

      24 hours Security, linked to Security company. Electric fence and gates closed for security during the day.

    • First Aid

      Staff with First Aid Training, always there to assist your precious little one

    • Registered School

      Dolphin Play~Pen is registered with the Health Department and Social Development Services

    • Fire Safety

      Also we have Fire training, and fire safely procedures and equipment checked and serviced regularly.

    • Transportation

      Transportation available for pick ups and drop offs for children.

    • CCTV

      Security Cameras 24/7/365

    • Dolphin Play~Pen Mission Statement

      Empowering Future Minds
    • Dolphin Play~Pen Vision

      To provide quality education, incorporating a holistic programme that includes opportunities for social, emotional, physical and educational development
    • Dolphin Play~Pen Values

      As educators, we value and nurture relationships, ensuring that our core values are at the heart of what we do. Honesty – We encourage an environment where everyone is honest to themselves and others, creating a culture of openness and trust. Empowerment – We encourage individuals and groups to be confident making choices on what they define as being important. Respect - We show respect by speaking and acting with courtesy. We treat others with dignity and honour the rules of our family, school and community. Respect yourself, and others will respect you.